Pearce On Town Hall: "We Must Work Together"

Mar 5, 2017

Credit Pearce Town Hall in Ruidoso, March 4, 2017

Commentary: Congressman Steve Pearce yesterday hosted a town hall meeting at the Ruidoso Convention Center. The nearly two hour event covered a wide range of topics from tax reform, Medicaid, and Medicare to public lands management, immigration reform, border security, and education reform.

“We had over 300 people at the town hall yesterday, and the most important take away is that we all came together to have a civil discussion and conversation about the health of our communities and the direction of our nation,” stated Rep. Pearce. “The entire room was energized, yet individuals on both sides of the political spectrum were able to engage in the important dialogue of the day. The success of our nation rests on the will of the people to make their voice and their desires known. During the town hall, I heard from mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, veterans, and so many more. It was wonderful to be able to engage with each and discuss what is important to their families and within their communities.”

Rep. Pearce continued to state, “While the room did not agree on everything, it did agree on a few key facts. We all want a stronger, healthier economy in New Mexico, we all want better opportunities for our children, and we all want our communities to be safe. We as New Mexicans are in a unique opportunity to come together to find solutions with the new Administration that will achieve our common goals. Neither New Mexico nor the nation have the time or the resources to continue to allow political disdain to rule the conversation – we must work together. I am extremely pleased so many different viewpoints were represented yesterday. Our State and nation can accomplish great things when we unite around the desire to improve.”