Pearce Votes Against Debt Limit Agreement

Las Cruces – Congressman Steve Pearce (R-NM 2) voted against S. 365, the Budget Control Act Agreement.

"While today's proposal isn't the solution we need, it does show that the people are beginning to make their voices heard," said Pearce. "For years, Washington has tried to spend our way out of debt through tax and borrow bailout schemes. The discussion in Washington this week has shown that those days are drawing to a close. The American people said in November that they want a new direction, and they are successfully holding Congress accountable. Still, the down payment on our national debt that was proposed today was simply not enough."

"Job creation, not temporary cuts, will be the key to truly solving our national debt problem," Pearce continued. "We need to reform the burdensome taxes and unnecessary regulations that are preventing small businesses across America from creating the jobs we need. Only by putting Americans back to work can we hope to truly solve our debt crisis."