Pearce Votes To Limit Fraud

Sep 12, 2013

Credit Rep. Steve Pearce (R) New Mexico

  Today, U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce voted for H.R. 2775, the No Subsidies Without Verification Act.  If the Administration goes forward with the implementation of Obamacare, H.R. 2775 demands that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) verify the eligibility of subsidy applicants.

“Fraud and abuse within federal programs cost the American taxpayer hundreds of billions dollars each year,” said Pearce.  “Recently, it was reported that welfare fraud is leading to an international trade in black-market food sales—all on the taxpayer dime.  If Obamacare is fully implemented and the healthcare exchanges go into place, our nation simply cannot afford a lack of proper enrollment verification.  Today’s legislation is a commonsense step to prevent fraudulent payments, ensuring assistance goes to those who truly need it – instead of those looking to take advantage of the good will of the American people.  And, this bill will bring a measure of accountability to increasingly reckless and irresponsible government spending,”

Earlier this year, HHS announced that it would rely on “self-attestation,”  instead of verifying that applicants for subsidies actually qualify.  In response, H.R. 2775 requires that accurate, reliable verification systems are enacted before subsidies are disbursed, in order to prevent fraudulent claims and protect taxpayer dollars.