Is Perry Moving To California?

Jun 17, 2014

Credit Former Texas Governor Rick Perry (R)

  Could Texas Gov. Rick Perry be California dreamin'?

The Republican has made convincing top employers to move to Texas a centerpiece of his administration. He's even led job-poaching missions in Democratically controlled states.

California has been a prime target, with Perry bashing what he calls the Golden State's high-tax, over-regulated ways.

But a New York Times Magazine story released Tuesday says Perry told the reporter "he loves California" and "might even move" there in January, when his term ends.

Perry isn't seeking re-election in November but hasn't ruled out a second presidential run. In April, he scored a political victory when Toyota announced it was moving its U.S. headquarters from California to Texas.

His office didn't immediately return messages asking if Perry himself could make the opposite move.

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