Poem: When You Wish Upon a Star, If You're A Dreamer You Won't Get Far

Sep 6, 2017

Credit NM Dream Team

Ay, mijita,

child of the stars,

how I misled you.

I promised

you could be anything,

anything you wanted to be

in this country.

That is why we came here,

risked everything,

for you, my love.

My dreams were for you alone.

I did not intend to mislead  you.

I believed in the promise,

believed we could escape

a cruel, dreamless destiny.

How I encouraged you,

proudly watch your every step.

"Apply yourself.

Study hard."

Palabras de pura paja.* (Words of pure straw.)

"Speak English so well,

it wraps itself around your tongue

like spaghetti on a fork."

First, Obama,

offering a package

of failed hope,

now just a map, 

of all the land mines,

all the dreamers,

so easily found

to be dug up

one by one.

And now, mijita

this new one,

cabron sin corazón *

Mijita, you can be anything,

a math professor,

a cancer doctor,

a journalist,

a nurse...


                                       a "refugee",                                   



* my daughter

*    words of pure straw, lies

*    the current president without a heart

jodie marino nachison 2016, updated September  2017