Police Find Eight Severed Heads In Mexico

Mexico City – Officials say the severed heads of eight men were found left in pairs along highways in the northern Mexico state of Durango.

Prosecutors said Tuesday that the bodies haven't been located, but officials say the victims appear to have been between ages 25 and 30.

In the border state of Chihuahua, prosecutors say a cousin of Gov.-elect Cesar Duarte was shot dead by attackers in the city of Parral. Lawyer Alberto Porras Duarte died while waiting in a vehicle outside his office.

One of Duarte's nephews was killed earlier this month in the Chihuahua state capital in what appeared to be a failed kidnapping attempt.

In the border state of Tamaulipas, the army reported Monday that they had captured nine Guatemalan citizens during patrols against drug trafficking organizations and seized seven grenades and two guns from them. the day before, troops in Tamaulipas detained 11 people believed to work for the Zetas drug gang and seized five rifles.

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