Political Newcomers Eyeing Dona Ana County Comission Seat

Las Cruces, NM – The Dona Ana County Commission District one seat is up for grabs this year. Outgoing Commissioner Oscar Vasquez-Butler is term limited.

On this year's ballot is Democrat Billy Garrett who is a retired national Park Service Administrator and Republican John Zimmerman, a retired missile test engineer and Navy commander.

Both candidates have an extensive list of priorities for the county ranging from health and safety programs to the county's master plan.

Garrett says strengthening areas medical programs one of his top priorities.
Garrett-"The County is fundamentally responsible on one hand for issues of health, safety and general welfare. That can be looked at as literally being about making sure that we have good programs in place to address health issues like diabetes. Also, to make sure that medical services are available."

Zimmerman's top priority is the County master plan called Vision 2040. He says updating it is necessary to provide adequate services, public safety and land use rules.

Zimmerman-"We need to address our master plan which addresses a multitude of problems that have to do with safety, flood control and utilities all of which are contained in the master plan. When we talk about safety the big item there I think is we need a modern 911 call center. I think the County needs to be more of a leader in trying to get the center up and going."

The four year term for the commission position begins on January 1st with a salary of around thirty thousand dollars. Early Voting runs now through the 30th at the Dona Ana County Government Center.