Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'The Hunger Games' And Regrettable Television

Mar 30, 2012
Originally published on March 30, 2012 10:47 am

On this week's Pop Culture Happy Hour, we're finally all back together again, with Trey back from his brief illness. As you might imagine from our past discussions, we did take some time this week to talk about The Hunger Games, because we've all read it, we all know it, and we know you know we know ... well, you know. We talk about the pacing, the acting, the faithfulness to the book, and lots more.

It's been a while since we played a round of Regrettable Television Pop Quiz, but we make up for it with a particularly punchy round, full of aberrant behavior and unfortunate injuries.

Of course, it wouldn't be PCHH without What's Making Us Happy This Week, and you'll get to hear from all of us, whether we're happy about casting or baking. (Really!)

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