PRC Qualifications Bill Goes To Martinez

Mar 16, 2013

Santa Fe – A Conference Committee consisting of Senate Majority Whip Tim Keller (D, Bernalillo, Dist. 17), Senator Peter Wirth (D, Santa Fe, Dist. 25), Senator Bill Payne (R, Bernalillo, Dist. 20), Representative Emily Kane (D, Bernalillo, Dist. 15), Representative Tom Taylor (R, San Juan, Dist. 1), and Representative Paul Bandy (R, San Juan, Dist. 3) unanimously passed a bill this morning to create a new section of the Constitution that sets requirements for PRC Candidates and members.

The Senate and House have concurred on the qualifications set by the committee and the bill now goes to the Governor.

The six-member, bi-partisan group of legislators tentatively agreed on the following requirements for candidates for PRC:

  • 10 years work experience in a field related to regulated industries or;
  • A combination of 10 years work experience in a field related to regulated industries and related education resulting in a degree

“Voters in New Mexico trusted the legislature to create guidelines to assure the integrity of the PRC,” Senator Tim Keller said. “Public perception of the PRC has been tarnished by criminal activity from prior commissioners. What we have crafted will restore integrity in the body that touches the lives of all New Mexicans.”

The committee agreed that PRC members would be required to fulfill a minimum 32 hours of continuing education each year.