Preciliana Sandoval, Owner & Operator of La Morena Walking Tours in Mesilla, NM; Artist and Muralist

December 23, 2011, Las Cruces, NM – Emily Guerra bridges the community on this edition of PUENTES with Owner and operator of La Morena Walking Tours, Preciliana Sandoval, a self-taught Mesilla Valley artist and muralist, and storyteller. She has sold her work at the Las Cruces Farmer's Market and now sells her southwest art on the Mesilla Plaza. Some of her commissioned pieces of work can be found in Mesilla at the Happy Trails Bed and Breakfast. One day she decided to attract more customers by dressing in the style of a Mexican Revolutionary woman of the 1800's. She found herself selling more history than art, and in 2002 decided to begin her walking tours of Mesilla because of questions from her patrons about Mesilla. On this segment Sandoval recalls one of her mentors, Josefina Gamboa Beal Emerson, who started the placement of 500 luminarias on the Mesilla Plaza in the late 1970's. She also talks about other Christmas traditions and about some of the stories on her tour of Mesilla. Visitors to Mesilla come from around the world.