Proposal Would End "Pocket Vetoes" In New Mexico

Dec 30, 2013

A legislator is proposing that New Mexico voters change the state constitution to prohibit governors from killing legislation through pocket vetoes.

Credit Office of the Governor

Pocket vetoes occur when bills approved by the Legislature die when a governor doesn't act on a bill by the deadline for signings or vetoes after a legislative session's end.

There's no requirement that governors explain pocket vetoes.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that Democratic Sen. Jacob Candelaria of Albuquerque says his proposed constitutional amendment would correct a situation in which too much power is vested in one branch of government.

The proposed constitutional change would require the governor to either approve or veto legislation within the 20-day deadline that applies to all bills passed in the last three days of a session.

Vetoes would have to be explained.

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