Reducing Fire Risk: Las Cruces Urges Residents To Remove Dead Vegetation

May 25, 2012


The combination of freezing temperatures over the winter and dry conditions during the spring may have destroyed vegetation surrounding our homes, and that could be the material needed to fuel a fire.


The Las Cruces Fire Department encourages residents to remove dead plant material from their yards as dry grasses, weeds, chaparral and other flammable landscaping surrounding homes and outbuildings can pose a significant fire danger.


Homeowners should use the concept of “defensible space” to guide them when protecting residences and outbuildings from fire. A defensible space refers to a natural or man-made clearing, or open area, that borders structures and is free of combustible materials.


It is recommended that all dead vegetation – dry grasses, weeds and chaparral – be removed from the property. All vegetation that is not fire-resistive should be no closer than thirty feet from structures. Trees should be trimmed so they are no closer than 10 feet from structures and electrical wires.