Remains Of Missing NM Balloonist Discovered

Albuquerque – Friends and colleagues of famed balloonists Richard Abruzzo of Albuquerque and Carol Rymer Davis of Denver are remembering them anew.

An Italian port official says their remains were found Monday morning by a fishing boat.

David Melton of Espanola, who's has flown with Abruzzo, says that finally the families will have closure. He says it has been hard on them all.

Kevin Knapp, who served as deputy director of October's Americas Challenge, says their recovery will help close a chapter both for the families and the ballooning community, in which they were major figures.

He says he had feared that they would never be found. Now, he says, those fears have been allayed."

The two were participating in a gas balloon race when contact was lost Sept. 29 as they flew over the Adriatic.

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