Remembering "Salt of the Earth" On Its 60th Anniversary

Mar 5, 2014

  Over the next week….events at New Mexico State University are marking the 60th anniversary of the film “Salt of the Earth.” 

The Library of Congress called Salt of the Earth one of the most important films of the last century…and especially important to Mexican-American history.   It is the fictionalized account of a union strike for wage equality at the Empire zinc mine.

Eva Bodenstedt is from Mexico City.  She’s the grand-daughter of Rosaura Revueltas…lead actress in Salt of the Earth.  In March of 1953…her grandmother was arrested and deported from Bayard, in Grant County, where the movie was being filmed.   She says the FBI followed her grandmother to Mexico….but they could not stop efforts to shoot scenes south of the border. 

This Images interview includes a discussion with Bodenstedt and Bill Jarrico, son of Paul Jarrico, the film’s producer.