Rep. Steinborn Proposes Film Soundstage To City Council

Dec 10, 2013

Film has a long history in New Mexico…northern New Mexico specifically.

City leaders recently continued their discussion about the vacant film liaison position and as an extension, the film industry.

State Rep. Jeff Steinborn, who is in Santa Fe several months of the year came with a message there’s money to be made for the area.

“This is real business…real dollars and cents… business in the state of New Mexico.”

The film industry is Mark Vasconcellos’ passion. He’s an instructor at Dona Ana Community College, professional actor and filmmaker.

“I love acting…shooting…directing…once you’ve got the bug, you just wanna keep doing it…keep working.”

To keep working, many New Mexico actors travel north to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, where soundstages are located.

Here’s why Vasconcellos says that’s important.

“When you have a large movie…they usually need a home base.”

The precedent for major commercial film is in New Mexico…but clearly favors the north. The last major film to come through Las Cruces was Due Date.

Rep. Steinborn says he believes he can allocate money toward a soundstage and possibly a back lot.

“The Las Cruces City council embraced the idea…try to get some finding for a back lot.”

The City of Las Cruces will likely receive that money only if the soundstage is built within city limits.

Every year the state hands out $50 million dollars in incentives. That remains a big draw, whether it’s used in the north or the south.

“The fact is there are some production not coming to New Mexico at all because there’s snow on the ground.”