Report: New Mexico Woman Caught In Web Of Lies; Impersonating Federal Offiicials

May 8, 2012


PITTSBURGH (AP) — Authorities say a New Mexico woman named Pamela Medley has impersonated federal emergency officials, pretended to be a dead victim of a wildfire, tried to drug attorneys who opposed her in court cases or short-circuit one of their computers, and forged a check belonging to an Alzheimer's support group.

Now, according to an arrest warrant issued Tuesday, the 60-year-old Medley walked into a Pittsburgh district attorney's office in late April with forged documents and tried to dupe authorities into dismissing a pending criminal case.

Authorities say Medley left the DA's office before she was recognized, but the visit raised suspicions and led to several new misdemeanor charges.

Medley, of Albuquerque, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that she doesn't know anything about the new charges.

An attorney for Medley couldn't be located.

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