Ride-Sharing Services Take Different Courses

Jun 5, 2014

Two major ride-sharing companies are taking different approaches when it comes to New Mexico regulatory processes for taxi services.

Both Uber Technlogies and Lyft Inc. began operating in Albuquerque in April but only Uber has filed with the state Public Regulation Commission for a permanent certificate to operate.

Lyft disputes the commission's contention that the service needs authorization by the regulators to operate in New Mexico.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that Lyft applied a temporary permit but that the commission reject the application because Lyft refused to file for a permanent permit.

The commission has ordered Lyft to cease operations and explain why it shouldn't face fines from the state.

The company so far is not complying with that order. It says it falls outside the commission's jurisdiction.

Information from: Albuquerque Journal. 

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