Road Advisory For High Winds

Jan 31, 2014

  Las Cruces: The District One office for the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) has expanded their high winds advisory to all secondary routes in conjunction to the alert for the I-10 corridor. Motorists are encouraged to reduce speed until conditions change, as low visibility will impact traffic as strong winds increase as predicated by local meteorologists.

Below are recommended driving tips.

·         Slow down, be patient and drive safely. Plan for extra travel time.

·         Drivers of high-profile vehicles should be aware of weather conditions and travel at a safe reduced speed limit.

·         Maintain at least a three-quarter full tank of gas.

·         Notify someone of your travel route, destination and projected arrival time.

·         Carry an emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle.

·         Brake slowly to avoid any panic braking or jerking the steering wheel.

·         Increase the distance between you and the traffic ahead.

·         When pulling off the road, make sure you exit on to the shoulder far enough to where your vehicle is not on the road.

·         Carry plenty of food and water and all necessary medications.

·         Avoid driving through dust storms.

Roadway notifications will be posted on the department’s web, and can be retrieved by calling 511 in New Mexico or 1-800-432-4269 out of state.