Roadblocks Ahead To Complete Roadrunner Pkwy.

Nov 14, 2013

Gill Sorg has been on the Las Cruces City Council since 2009.

Residents in his district – district 5 -- call and email him about a lot of things.

“It may be the streets…trash…weeds.”

One stands out to him among the rest.

“The question is when will Roadrunner be finished?”

This is what Gill Sorg hears about. At the end of Roadrunner Pkwy. is a very clear message. You have reached the end of the road.

“It’s a street that’s incomplete…. not connected to the rest of the city…so that’s what people ask about. They want to know when it’s going to be finished.”

Sorg says answering that question is complicated. Ever since the city decided to defer impact fees, he’s been working on another plan.

A special assessment district for landowners could be created… and that creates other roadblocks.

“All the properties have to be appraised…those would be the ones that would be assessed.”

The road ahead may be bumpy, but here’s what Sorg expects.

“…And we don’t know, but we’re expecting that the landowners will be footing 100 percent of the bill…the city is going to have to kick in some. I’ll keep it as small as possible, because it’s the landowners that benefit the most.”