Runoff Election June 15 In El Paso Mayoral Race

May 12, 2013

Hyundai of El Paso President Oscar Leeser nearly won the El Paso mayoral race outright on Saturday, garnering almost half of the votes cast; with city Rep. Steve Ortega a far-behind second-place finisher, managing less than a quarter.  Without breaking the necessary 50 percent threshold, a runoff election has been scheduled for June 15.

During interviews with reporters, Ortega acknowledged that his strong support for demolishing city hall to make way for a baseball stadium may have cost him votes.  However, Ortega said that he stood behind the effort.

Leeser said he has a strong group of volunteers ready to get to work on the runoff election.  Leeser also has his most well known supporter ready, his mother Rhoberta, a star of both his car commercials and his campaign ads.  "My Oscar, he's such a good boy" is the classic line used to sell his cars.  "My Oscar, he'll be such a good mayor" has been the refrain heard for the last month on countless commercial television ads.