Santa Fe Mayor Wants Proper Disposal Of Nuke Waste

Nov 8, 2013

Santa Fe Mayor David Coss is urging the Los Alamos National Laboratory to analyze and properly dispose of its nuclear waste.

He's also calling on the New Mexico Environment Department to disallow the creation of a permanent nuclear waste dump.

Coss is chairman of the regional coalition of Los Alamos National Laboratory Communities.

Los Alamos' proposed remedial plan allegedly leaves nuclear waste buried in pits and trenches at the laboratory's Area G.

That's a 63-acre site that started accepting radioactive and hazardous wastes in 1957.

It's located 18 miles from the Santa Fe Plaza, west of the residential community of White Rock and five miles from the Buckman Well Field near the Rio Grande.

Coss will ask the City Council for approval of his resolution at a Dec. 11 meeting.

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