Santa Fe Newspaper Apologizes For "Guadalupe" Cover

Jul 2, 2013

An alternative newsweekly in Santa Fe has apologized for its cover with an image of a woman in a bikini who strongly resembles Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Santa Fe Reporter publisher Andy Dudzik and editor Alexa Schirtzinger said in a recent statement that the uses of the image on the June 12 Summer Guide cover was "short-sighted."

On the cover is a bikini-clad woman sipping a drink around an Our Lady of Guadalupe-type background while a shirt-less cowboy in a pink hat looks on. The cover drew fire from some Catholics and Latinos.

The newspaper says it misjudged how the cartoon, which borrowed from aspects of the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, would be interpreted.

Santa Fe Reporter reported receiving a number of angry calls.

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