Santa Fe Toughens Fines For Texting While Driving

Aug 14, 2014

Santa Fe is toughening its penalties for texting and doing other digital activities while driving.


The City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to double the existing $100 fine for using a mobile device texting, posting on Twitter, updating Facebook or engaging in similar activities while driving.

The penalty triples if the offense is in a school zone during school hours.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that the city's new penalties will be stiffer than those under the state's anti-texting law. That law calls for fining violators $25 for a first offense and $50 for every subsequent violation.

Santa Fe's new penalties take effect on Aug. 25.

Mayor Javier Gonzales says he introduced the proposal after seeing motorists texting in a school zone where children were walking across the street.

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