Second Red-Light Camera At Telshor/Lohman Intersection

Las Cruces – The City of Las Cruces has installed a second speed and red light traffic enforcement camera at the intersection of Telshor Boulevard and Lohman Avenue.

The second camera is for traffic travelling west on Lohman Avenue as it approaches the Lohman/Telshor intersection. A camera for eastbound traffic has been operational since last year.

The second camera is scheduled for activation on Friday, April 30th.

It is important to note that there will be no grace period associated with the camera's activation; violations will be cited immediately. Rumble strips and warning signs have been installed for traffic approaching the intersection.

The City of Las Cruces implemented its traffic enforcement camera program in February, 2009.

Cameras are also located at the following intersections:

* Lohman Avenue and Walnut Street.
* North Main Street and Solano Drive.
* Valley Drive and Avenida de Mesilla.

Penalties for running a red light or speeding through a lighted intersection employing traffic enforcement cameras are capped by state law at $100 per violation.