Sen. José Rodríguez Statement On The Senate Committee On Veteran Affairs And Military Installations

Credit Senator José Rodríguez

  Senator José Rodríguez issued the following statement following testimony at the Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs and Military Installations hearing today:

Last session, I supported a number of bills that dealt with facilitating veterans’ transition back into civilian life by allowing them to apply training and experience gained in the military to obtain certain occupational licenses. This hearing is giving us an idea of how such programs have been working and will allow us to assess whether there are changes needed or areas in which we can continue to improve these efforts.

Hearing video is archived at

The Committee was hearing testimony on the following charges:

1.      Monitor and examine efforts to provide employment and workforce opportunities for veterans, service members, and their families. Make recommendations on how best to continue collaborating with and supporting our honored veterans as they re-enter the civilian workforce, including improving employment opportunities for veterans at all state agencies.

2.      Monitor the implementation of the veteran occupational licensure bills passed during the 83rd Legislative Session to expedite the licensure process for those who are serving, have served, or are married to someone serving our nation in uniform. Study and make recommendations to strengthen and improve state efforts to ease the transition of military veterans and their spouses into the Texas civilian workforce.