Senator Bingaman Ready To Work On Clean Energy Legislation

Las Cruces, NM – President Obama addressed the nation on Tuesday and focused his speech on the need to create the next generation of good paying jobs, staying competitive in the global marketplace and shifting to renewable energy.

Senator Bingaman who is Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee says he looks forward to working on a bipartisan basis to pass clean energy legislation.

Bingaman-"I like his emphasis on continuing to move our economy to a clean energy economy. His proposal for a clean energy standard we will work to develop a bipartisan proposal that I think it will be something that will be in line with what the president has called for."

Bingaman says the legislation would create incentives for utilities to transition to more use of renewable energy. He says it will especially benefit New Mexico because of the state's abundance of wind and solar energy.

Obama also set a new goal during his speech. By 2035, eighty percent of America's electricity will come from clean energy sources.