Senator Udall Introduces Renewable Energy Legislation

Las Cruces, NM – On Wednesday, Senator Tom Udall and Colorado Senator Mark Udall introduced legislation that would require utilities to generate twenty-five percent of their electricity from wind, solar and other renewable energy sources by 2025.

The bill would start with a six percent requirement by 2013 with gradual increases to meet the twenty-five percent goal by 2025.

Tom and Mark Udall, first cousins, introduced a similar initiative in 2002 while members of the House of Representatives. They also introduced the legislation after being elected to the senate in 2008.

Tom Udall says he is committed to fighting for passage in the senate.

Udall-"New Mexico has lead the way with a 20% standard by 2021. As a result we are seeing dramatic increases in clean energy jobs in both renewable electricity generation and manufacturing across New Mexico. Now it is time for the nation to take similar action to create clean energy jobs and keep America's economy competitive for decades to come."

Udall says the legislation would create jobs, reduce energy bills, revitalize rural America, and slow global warming.

A total of twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia already have renewable generation standards with various timelines and targets. The legislation would not pre-empt states that have stronger standards.