SERIES: District 6 City Council Race – J. Mark Cobb

Oct 10, 2013

Continuing our series on the candidates for Las Cruces City Council district 6, KRWG News interviews J. Mark Cobb.

What’s missing downtown?

“What’s missing downtown? To me what’s missing…are music venues…my vision, moderate to long term is to make Las Cruces a music mecca of the Southwest.”

Sloan Patton sat down with Mark Cobb, candidate for Las Cruces district 6.

That district is all about wide roads and shopping centers.

But, whoever wins this election will have a huge impact on future downtown development decisions.

“Downtown should continue to me a multiuse type zoning…where residents don’t have to drive all over…to get this particular interest fulfilled or another.”

When it comes to future development in his own district, Cobb says he’ll push for developers to pay part of impact fees on new houses.

“For new development, the developers should share that with the city. There would be a percentage the developers would pay…percentage the city would pay which would be normal infrastructure additions.”

“I’m a little disappointed…because previously there was a plan that would allow all the infrastructure to be put in all at the same time for a particular area…I think it would have been good to find a plan where it was all put in at the same time.”

KRWG News asked Cobb what should be done about the unfinished dirt median on Lohman Avenue.

“There are a couple of options…the city is very fiscally responsible and we want to stay that way…we can do it without water irrigation…we need to do something because that’s a high traffic area,” said Cobb.