Show 4: Interview- Colonias Development Council Executive Director, Dr. Diana Bustamante

Las Cruces, NM – On the program, a report on how meth manufacturers have adapted to changing laws to keep the drug readily available to users. In much of the Southwest, law enforcement consider methamphetamine to be the number one drug problem.

Also, Government corruption is nothing new at the U.S.-Mexico border. But in Tijuana, the case of a politician accused of corruption who is now a museum director, is forcing the art community to respond.

2011 has been designated the year of the farm worker child by the Association of Farm worker Opportunity Programs. According to Shine Global more than four hundred children work in American fields to harvest the food we eat. Children who work as farm laborers often do not have access to proper education or health care. In some hired farm worker families' children as young as ten must work in the fields to contribute to the family income. The National Child Labor Committee estimates that each year there are at least one hundred thousand minors illegally working on farms and one million child-labor violations.

Colonias Development Council Executive Director, Dr. Diana Bustamante joins us in the studio to talk about and upcoming event to raise awareness of the lives and hardships of migrant and child farm workers.