Show 6: Interview-Maria Flores and Steve Fischmann, Children's Reading Foundation

Las Cruces, NM – On the program, we hear how mentally ill immigrants in detention face particular challenges, and how they're more likely to get lost in the system.

Also, law enforcement is working harder to crack down on drug smuggling along the Rio Grande.

Recent test results for schools throughout the Dona Ana county show that district-wide at least forty percent of students in third through fifth grades are reading less than proficiently. As students get older, they only fall further behind. By grades six through eleven, fifty percent of students are less than proficient in reading. Also, according to U.S Census data of the only forty-six out of one hundred Chicana and Chicano students who start at the elementary level finish high school and of those fourty-six only twenty-six go on to college.

The local chapter of The Children's Reading Foundation of is a community-driven, county-wide project that promotes the message, "Read to a Child Every Day" and focuses on improving literacy throughout region.
Our guests today on Fronteras: A Changing America is Las Cruces Public Schools Board member Maria Flores and State Senator Steve Fischmann who are both on the Children's Reading Foundation Board of Directors.