SITEL Expands, Bringing More Jobs To Las Cruces Area

Apr 16, 2012

(LAS CRUCES) -- Governor Susana Martinez is calling the recent expansion to a Las Cruces business, a good sign the economy is only getting better.  

For the third time in 18 months, the customer care outsourcing provider, SITEL is expanding its workforce.

“Tell your neighbors.  Tell you families.  Tell your friends. SITEL is also open for business and we are taking applications,” said site director John Munoz.

Leaders with the company recently announced they’re adding 200 positions to its retail banking and satellite television provider clients. 

“I wanted to pause for a moment to really thank our employees.  That’s why we are successful, that’s why we’re a vibrant company here in Las Cruces.  It’s not just about jobs, it’s not just about the building or the technology we have but these are life changing careers,” said Munoz.

Governor Susana Martinez says job creation and economic growth are among her highest priories in New Mexico.  Martinez recently toured the facility meeting with employees and other local leaders.

“It’s a great sign for New Mexico because you see economic development through out the state and its good to see it in a different pockets.  Not just in abq metro area, but you see it in the southern part in Santa Teresa, you see it in the south eastern in Lee county and around Hobbs and you see it in Clovis and you see here in Las Cruces so its not just a signal industry that’s growing you’re seeing different kinds of industry growing and all over the state that’s why unemployment keeps going down.”

SITEL’s latest expansion will provide hundreds of additional jobs for the las cruces area.  according to leaders, the company is teaming up workforce solutions to help recuit new employees.

“There are lots of jobs in different parts of the state, look at your website, look at the New Mexico websites as to where are the jobs.  You don’t have to stay in the same location.  Look to see if moving to Las Cruces, which is a beautiful place.  Move here, look at the jobs that are available here, get a job that’s 8 to 5 or a shift that’s 3-11 or 11 to the morning.  There are jobs here you just got get to those places,” she said.