Six Killed At Juarez Rehab Center

Juarez, Mexico – Gunmen slaughter 19 men at a rehab clinic. Sixteen bodies are dumped in a northern city. Twelve police officers die in an ambush. Soldiers kill 15 gunmen outside a tourist town.

All this in less than a week, yet President Felipe Calderon believes Mexico is getting a bad rap and wants to hire a public relations firm to improve its image. He might want to start with convincing his own countrymen, who are frustrated by assurances that the drug war is going well.

The bloodshed continued across Mexico Wednesday. In the border city of Ciudad Juarez, four men and two women were shot to death as they left a drug rehab center. In another northern town, Apodaca, the tortured bodies of four police officers and one ex-cop were dumped in public. Threatening messaged had been impaled on their bodies with knives.

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