Sonic Booms May Continue Through Jan. 22

Las Cruces – Officials with the 49th Fighter Wing have announced Holloman is currently hosting an aerial exercise involving a number of aircraft. The exercise, which is taking place over portions of White Sands Missile Range airspace, will continue until Friday, Jan. 22.

"With an exercise of this scope, we realize there will be some impact to the communities in Otero, Lincoln and Dona Ana counties. We had hoped to provide everyone with as much advanced notice as possible, however, we realize our information didn't make it as far as we had hoped," said Mr. Arlan Ponder, 49th Fighter Wing Public Affairs. "In the future, we will provide as much advanced notice as possible to keep everyone informed of our activities. We will continue to make every effort to balance the requirements of our training and help reduce the impact of that training on our neighboring communities, while also ensuring all the required goals of the exercise are met."

Holloman officials also acknowledge the sonic boom experienced over Otero and Dona Ana counties on the evening of Jan. 14 was related to the exercise.

The aircraft will conduct air-to-air and air-to-ground training in airspace designated by the Federal Aviation Administration to include White Sands Missile Range.
During the exercise, residents could experience increased low flying aircraft and sonic booms. As a result of the F-22's "super cruise" capability, sonic booms can occur when the aircraft is in flight.

In addition to sonic booms and low flying aircraft, residents could also experience military personnel driving slowly though local areas during the day or early evening.

All questions regarding the exercise or for additional information on Holloman, please contact the 49th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office at 575-572-5406 or 575-572-7383 during regular business hours, or 575-572-7575 after hours.

For additional information on flying schedules, please check the Holloman web site at