Sterile Trout Stocked In New Mexico Waters

New Mexico – New Mexico is stocking sterile rainbow trout in waters statewide in an effort to prevent the rainbows from interbreeding with the state's native Rio Grande cutthroat and Gila trout.

The state's attempts to maintain native trout populations against interlopers like the rainbow are an ongoing battle.

That's according to the fisheries chief for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, Michael Sloane.

So it's stocking triploid rainbow trout. They carry an extra chromosome, which makes them sterile.

The cutthroat New Mexico's state fish and the Gila trout are the only trout native to the state.

Sloane says ensuring their long-term survival will prevent the cutthroat from being listed under the Endangered Species Act and will help remove the Gila trout from the list.

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