Sunland Park Mayor-Elect Cannot Enter City Hall

Mar 6, 2012

SUNLAND PARK, N.M. (AP) — It appears that Daniel Salinas is the winner of the Sunland Park mayor's race.  On election night, he said, "If I have to, I'll work from home," a reference to the fact that bond restrictions do not allow Salinas to enter city hall.

Unofficial results of Tuesday's municipal election shows Salinas with 637 votes compared to Gerardo Hernandez's 553 votes and Jose L. Hernandez's 66 votes.

However, the results will likely be challenged in court.

Assistant district attorney Scot Key says prosecutors continue to investigate voting irregularities and they have filed a motion seeking possession of "some questionable absentee ballot boxes."

Salinas has been Sunland Park's mayor pro tem. But before the election, he had been barred from City Hall, couldn't contact city workers and charged with trying to force an opponent out of the race with a secretly recorded video of the competitor getting a topless lap dance.

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