Sunland Park Responds to State Audit

Las Cruces, NM – Sunland Park Mayor Jesus Segura remains strident in opposing an unprecedented possible takeover of the city by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration. Segura and the Sunland Park City Council are the subjects of an 18 part audit by the state. The audit calls for the state to remove the council and mayor from office. At this point no one is getting cardboard boxes ready at city hall. Segura is determined not to let the state take him out of office. He says that 70% of the audit is baseless and hurts his constituents.

The 30% of the audit that he concedes, Segura says only pertains to technical minutia that the city has taken corrective action on. The response clarifies improper use of public meetings law and the per diem act.

Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) Secretary James Jimenez is reviewing the Sunland Park response to the audit. Jimenez recognizes Sunland Park might face larger economic and educational barriers than other communities, but doesn't find that excusable ground to skirt state law.