Texas Lawmakers Boost State Spending

Mar 31, 2013

The Texas Legislature may not be spending quite like a drunken sailor, but they've certainly got the checkbook out.

Lawmakers slashed spending in 2011. But with the comptroller predicting the state will raise $101.3 billion over the next two years, the Republican-controlled Legislature is spending almost every dime available.

In 2011, the budget amounted to $81.2 billion. Lawmakers this year have already tacked on $6.6 billion, and budget-writers in the House want to add $765 million more.

This week the Texas House is expected to pass a new two-year budget totaling $93.5 billion. That's a 15 percent jump above the budget signed by Gov. Rick Perry two years ago. The extra dollars this time around were made possible by a thriving oil and gas industry and a recovering economy.

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