Texas Mulls New Graduation Requirements

Nov 20, 2013

Credit Courtesy: US Dept. of Education

Seventy-plus school district superintendents, industry leaders and education experts are testifying before the board of education as it mulls implementation of new high school graduation requirements.

Board members are devising updated standards under a curriculum overhaul approved this summer by the Legislature.

It reduced from 15 to five the number of standardized tests high school students must pass.

It also rewrote course requirements to promote vocational training, rather than strictly college-prep classes.

The law doesn't require all students to take Algebra II, and some experts said Wednesday it "dumbs down" curriculum.

The board votes later this week on Algebra II and on electives that some educators think should also be required, like speech courses.

But, despite those objections, members aren't expected to make major changes while implementing the law.

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