Thoughts On The Candidacy Of Donald Trump

Oct 13, 2016

Credit (donald trump)

Is my Memo to Donald Trump, advising him two weeks ago to start talking about policy and to expand his paid TV advertising, now meaningless in the aftermath of the bombshell video leak?

Sure, he said some unadvisable, sexist things a decade ago. He’s done the same as a candidate, which is unfortunate.

Trump remains the free-wheeling tycoon with perhaps still enough appeal as a non-career politician to still be counted in.

To many, especially in the national media, the video clip brings his relevancy, even legitimacy, as a candidate to a screaming halt.

To others, like those who have already made up their mind to vote for Trump on November 8, the video doesn’t change a thing.

It’s exactly like President Bill Clinton’s impeachment for his Oval-Office sexual encounter with Monica Lewinski.

A great many Americans, myself included, viewed Clinton’s mistake as a secondary issue but not the Republican controlled House.

We should be more concerned with serious affairs of the nation, not somebody’s private indiscretion, many of us felt as we looked the other way.

We were able to rationalize, even justify, his previous indiscretions with multiple women outside his marriage to Hillary.

Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones were only the tip of the iceberg, but still Bill Clinton had his loyal followers, the same ones Hillary is banking on today.

In light of the trust, money-mongering, health and other issues orbiting around Hillary’s presidential bid, her second campaign for the White House, I wonder if that base of loyal followers hasn’t reached its limit of tolerance for either or both of the Clintons.

In the same way many of us supported Bill Clinton in the face of what many thought was a specious, shallow reason for exercising impeachment, we will maintain our support for Donald Trump.

The specter of a Clinton Monarchy looms.

No other political family from Adams to Bush ever misused their public office for excessive personal gain, not to the extent of Bill and Hillary.

Some of us cannot and will not support Hillary Clinton’s Washington career any loner, based on these kinds of principles, or lack thereof.

I chuckled the morning after the second debate, hearing a political guru point out how one in four Republicans will not vote for Trump.

Trump exposed the irrelevancy of today’s GOP, and there is a substantial cross-over effect about to happen November 8, starting with a lot of us Baby Boomers living check to check.

It is likely a long shot, but some of us are banking on that cross-over to prove the bombshell video wrong, including some of us Democrats who supported Bill Clinton.