Three Charged In Teacher's Murder

New Mexico – Police have charged the daughter-in-law of an Albuquerque teacher reported missing in May and two others with an open count of murder.
Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz says 21-year-old Cathleen Nielson-Roth, 20-year-old Chris Donovan and 23-year-old James Johnson allegedly killed Ellen Roth in her garage as she left for work.
A spokeswoman for Albuquerque Public Schools says the 60-year-old victim was a reading specialist at Chelwood Elementary School.
Schultz accused the three suspects of making a pact to kill Roth after she turned her 19-year-old son in for fraudulently using her checks and credit card.
Schultz says they buried Roth's body off New Mexico 4 near the Valles Caldera National Monument in the Jemez Mountains.

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