Tie In Las Cruces Race Could End Up In Coin Flip

Nov 15, 2012

A tie in a race for a New Mexico House of Representatives seat could end up being broken by a coin flip or other game of chance.  The race between Democrat Joanne Ferrary and incumbent Republican Terry McMillan for the 37th District seat ended with an even split of more than 12,000 votes.

If a recount leaves the race still even New Mexico law requires a game of chance be used as a tie-breaker.

The exact game is up to a five-person panel that includes the candidates, the county Democratic and Republican chairs and a judge.

McMillian says he prefers a single hand of five-card stud. Ferrary says she's not sure which game she might prefer.

Each received 6,217 votes.


Information from: Las Cruces Sun-News,

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