Today's Adorable PSA: 'Book People Unite'

Apr 19, 2012

It's not every day that I get a pitch that basically says, "Watch our video; it's so cute!" that actually works.

But since so many of you are book people, I did think you deserved to see "Book People Unite," with music from The Roots, featuring "vocal support" from John Legend, Chris Martin, Regina Spektor, Carrie Brownstein, and oodles of other people, along with a surprising collection of characters you may recognize.

I won't lie: They had me at "Captain Ahab waterskiing."

The PSA comes from Reading Is Fundamental, which you may very well have been hearing about in PSAs since you were a kid. They're still out there; they still suggest you pick up a book. They made this in support of their Book People Unite campaign, and you can read more about the song here.

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