Two Friends Open Las Cruces Business

Mar 12, 2012


Despite the economy, many people are continuing to become business owners.  Now, a couple of friends in Las Cruces are doing the same, following their own dreams and making people's special days, even better.

Stacy Leach is getting things ready for her big day.

“We’re really excited to get started,” she said.

Leach is the co-owner of Three Crosses Kettle Corn and Gourmet Treats, a new business she always dreamt of opening.

“We had this opportunity to get together to open this place and we’re so excited to be able to work our own, make this our own, we just enjoy this,” said Leach.

Leach's best friend, Margaret Gilbert co-owns the new store front.  Together, they've been providing gifts and treats to the community as a hobby for many years.

“We’ve prayed about it.  We feel good about it.  We have a lot of support so, we feel this is where we’re suppose to be and what we’re suppose to be doing,” she said.

The pair plan to continue selling their kettle corn and gift bags, and hope to find success despite a shaky economy.

“We wanted a place where we can do, where we can…do what we love doing,” said Gilbert.

The woman also wanted to provide the community a place where people can sit and have a cup of coffee while enjoying an assortment of flavored kettle corn.

“It is just different, if you’ve never had kettle corn, you really need to try it.  The flavors just pop in your mouth and its just like eating the pringles, you can’t stop,” she said.