Two Indicted After 115 Undocumented Immigrants Found

May 15, 2012


McALLEN, Texas (AP) — Two men have been indicted on charges of conspiring to harbor undocumented immigrants and harboring them after authorities found about 115 immigrants in three clustered South Texas homes.

A federal grand jury in McAllen handed up the indictments Tuesday against Vicente Ortiz-Soto and Marcial Salas-Gardunio.

A criminal complaint filed against them described authorities arriving to find immigrants fleeing two houses in Edinburg while others remained locked in a third. Immigrant witnesses told authorities that Salas greeted them at the stash house with "Welcome to hell," according to the complaint. Salas told investigators Ortiz paid him $500 per week to smuggle immigrants.

Ortiz-Soto's attorney didn't return a message for comment, but Salas-Gardunio's attorney, Oscar Alvarez, said he anticipated not guilty pleas.

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