Two Rival Albuquerque Gangs Agree To Truce

Jun 24, 2013

Members from two rival gangs in Albuquerque have called a truce.

KRQE-TV reports that leaders from two of the largest African American gangs in Albuquerque — the Kirk Town Piru and Blackstone Rangers — agreed to a truce Saturday during a meeting in a city park.

Both sides promised that they would no longer engage in physical fights or shootings.

Kirk Town Piru member Kano Brown says he's calling for peace after burying his brother and a cousin.

Kirk Town Piru, also known as KTU, is said to be associated with the nationwide gang the Bloods.

The Blackstone Rangers started as a gang in Chicago and then spread across the U.S.

Information from: KRQE-TV.

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