Two Wheel Traveling: Journal Entry #59

East Palatka onward to St. Augustine, Florida!!!

In this entry, Tammy talks about the last day of riding with the group and how they plan on keeping in touch with eachother.

First sign to St. Augustine. (that's Dick on his bike)

Hostel in St. Augustine

At the hostel, waiting to leave for the beach photo (Heather, Mike and Hal)

Group photo with the front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean

Tammy and Heather

Ewan popping the champagne bottle celebrating at the pre-dinner get-together

Dirk, Paul, Mike and Tammy's hand at the pre-dinner celebration

Dirk, Paul and Heather at the pre-dinner celebration

Group photo of the last dinner together. Members of the group (from left to right):
Ewan, Hal, Mike, Dick, Heather, Tammy, Keith, Paul and Dirk

Tammy's tan lines