Udall Will Support Obama

Las Cruces, NM – New Mexico Democratic Congressman and Super Delegate Tom Udall announced this morning that he will support Illinois Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic Party's nominee for President of the United States. Udall who is also New Mexico's Democratic nominee for the United States Senate was the last of the state's uncommitted Super Delegates.

In a release sent out by his campaign Wednesday Udall says quote.

"Throughout this primary process, I have remained uncommitted as a delegate because I felt strongly that first and foremost the collective voices of the American electorate should be heard. Our nation's primaries have concluded and now that the last ballot has been cast it's time for us to come together as a party and move forward with a strong, unified effort for the general election."

In the release Udall also calls Obama a "dynamic and ground breaking leader". Obama became the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Tuesday night after securing more than the 2,118 delegates needed to win the nomination after the two final primaries in Montana and South Dakota.