UNM Approves Tution Hike

Albuquerque – University of New Mexico regents have approved a tuition and fee increase for next year.

The regents' vote came Tuesday after they heard from graduate and undergraduate students who were concerned about rising costs.

The board increased tuition by nearly 7 percent but decided against a proposed increase of about $40 in student fees to help with upkeep of libraries, computers, athletics and recreation facilities.

The total increase for students will be 5.5 percent for the 2011-2012 budget year.

With the increase, a full-time resident undergraduate student will see an increase of more than $303 for the year. Graduate students will be paying about $340 more.

Regent Don Chalmers pushed for a one-year moratorium on fee increases to give the university an opportunity to study and revise its fee structure.

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