UPDATE: Child Drowning In Las Cruces

Las Cruces – The circumstances surrounding the drowning death of a ten month old child in the 6300 block of MacArthur Road is under investigation by Sheriff's Investigators.

According to Investigators, the mother of the child left the room for approximately three minutes and when she returned, discovered her child face down in a five gallon paint bucket containing water and laundry detergent.

The child's mother immediately called 911, while the child's grandparents attempted to perform CPR.

An autopsy is being conducted this morning at the Office of the Medical Investigator, Albuquerque.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports of over 275 young children who have drowned in buckets since 1984. Over 30 other children have been hospitalized. Almost all containers were 5-gallon buckets containing liquids. Most were used for mopping floors or other household chores. Many were less than half full.

Of all the buckets, the 5-gallon size presents the greatest hazard to young children.