UPDATE: Martinez Threatens To Veto Budget

Mar 12, 2013

Credit Office of the Governor

  Lawmakers are close to wrapping up work on a nearly $5.9 billion spending plan to finance state government and public education next year, but Gov. Susana Martinez is threatening to veto the budget.  

The budget would provide state workers and educators with their first across-the-board pay increase since 2008, though it is only one percent.  The one percent is unlikely to cover inflation, which has been running at a higher rate.  In addition, the legislature may also approve higher required pension contributions for state workers, further reducing inflation-adjusted earnings.

The Senate unanimously approved the proposal on Tuesday with little debate, and the measure would go to the Republican governor if the House agrees to it. The House passed its version of the budget last month and the Senate added provisions that increased spending by $6.5 million.

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